Gabapentin side effects

Hi there,
I have been taking a combination of gabapentin and nortriptyline for a couple of years which has been very successful in treating my EM. Ever since I started the Gabapentin I have really struggled with my memory. I am wondering if other people have experienced this side effect and to what extent. I am really reluctant to change my meds because the memory loss is better than the EM, but I have to do training and alot of reading as part of my work and sometimes it seems like I forget the start of the sentence before I get to the end of it. I also work face to face with clients and sometimes struggle to recall simple facts and words. I have been under a lot of stress with starting a new business but the symptoms started up at the same time as the meds so I am pretty sure that is the connection and not the stress. I am currently on 900mg. I would appreciate hearing other peoples experiences.

gabapentin is known to impair speech and alter thinking processes, although these should lessen over time.


I could not tolerate gabapentin due to the cognitive effects / memory issues. you put it well, it’s like I’d forget the first half of a sentence before I got to the second half. I was a teaching assistant at the time and I literally did not have the mental capacity to grade my section, so sorta ended up giving random scores :confused:

i was only on it a couple months to be fair.

tried to twice with 3 years in between

fell into a clothing rack in a store, ran into walls, confusion, couldn’t recall words when speaking, mindless started a grease fire, lost items, lost track of time…

i was certain my mri would show brain damage as i was on it when it was performed. it scared the heck out of me and i only ever got to 300

I now have mottled skin on legs, arms and stomach area. I do not know if this is progression of EM or sometimes I wonder if it is the Gabapentin as I did not have this prior to taking Gabapentin.

I tried gabapentin but the only way I can describe it was like living in a fog.
After 3 days I had blurred vision and could hardly do anything so stopped that and feel much better for it.
I take 10mg of oramorph twice in the evening and that stops the pain all night.
The only downside is chemists looking at me like I’m a junkie.
I couldnt carry on with gabapentin as I had to have a few days off work as I was good for nothing and I have my own little business that I love and really didn’t want to stop.

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