Genetics and EM

I went for a visit with my mother today, I was telling her about the EM condition, (she said that she thought for me, going to the doctor was a hobby) both my grandfather and her, had burning feet, my father had large fiber neuropathy, where he lost the feeling of his legs from the knees down. my aunt on my father’s side has burning feet, so I have both sides of the family with it. When I went to the Neurologist, they try to fit you in the narrow box of there knowledge, as far as peripheral Neuropathy, in there minds it must be diabetic, or now pre-diabetic. My old Rheumy said that it was diabetic related, even though I do not have diabetes.when I mention my father and mother had it, she said your father must have been diabetic! I thought, gee, I think he would have found out… So after all the test came back normal, my neurologist diagnosed it as Polyneuropathy, I am tempted to go back to him and ask him about EM…

Hello John sparky.
I can’t diagnose but it sure sounds genetic to me. For that many family members to have it i don’t think it could be a coincidence. Yes diabetes can cause this but it is still extremely rare among diabetics.
This isn’t saying you don’t or other family members don’t have diabetes or other conditions causing neuropothy just that the EM link is highly suspicious of being genetic.
Have you asked your doctor to test you for genetic EM? This is the only type of EM that can actually be diagnosed with any type test.
I would ask about it again for sure.
Take care

Very interesting! I will have to see if I can get this genetic marker tested at present my Neurologist is linking the Polyneuropathy to SLE Lupus, the EM can also be caused by SLE Lupus. I hear that they will now map your whole DNA for $1,000, used to be that one test was $3,000. I have a friend that is a doctor, maybe he can get me a deal somewhere for the test…
It does seem to be the missing link to the puzzle.