Good article on relationship of SFN and EM

We are having a heat wave, it is 100 degrees today. I noticed my sweat pattern, my legs and fett had no perspiration, compared to my upper torso. I did a search and found this medical study linking Small Fiber Neuropathy and EM.

Has anyone had a Swaet test done for Dx of EM?

I had both the QSART (quantitative sudomotor axon reflex test) and sweat test at Mayo Clinic last April. Results were used in the diagnosis of my EM (I hardly sweat at all).

Yes, I had the sweat test done for my diagnosis. I hardly sweat at all and can become quite overwhelmed in hot weather in a very short amount of time. This was done at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, by Dr. Goodman. He specializes in the autonomic nervous system. He does a very thorough exam.