Good Bye Coffee

Trying to get back out there for the new year. Slowly getting back to a strict diet which had made a huge difference. Wish me luck as I slowly give up coffee and all caffeine again.

Time to re-begin taking control of the few things I have power of again. Food ect. Also going to take a trip to the health food store to load up on the supplements again.

I wish things could go faster. I am trying to remember the time it takes to get this body working again after being sick and eating bad. Baby steps it is :)

I hear ya dizzy. I'm trying to cut out all sugar other than fruits. I agree, baby steps.

I'm with you there Dizzy, new year and new start. I am also trying to get my diet back under control to see if there is an improvement.... I've been going downhill these last few months and I want to try and get this back under control... If that means no coffeee or tea then thats what it takes. I gave up alcohol about 2 months ago and it's been great not feel 50 times worse the day after..!!

Baby steps to a healhier new us xx