Gooey Compounded Cream

Don’t know if this has come up. For EM I use a compounded cream - Amitriptyline Ketamine and Lidocaine in either lipoderm or lipopen ultra. However both bases leave my feet “gooey” especially when they are hot. I use an olive oil-based skin cleanser periodically to reduce the goo. But it is drying to my skin. I would love to see some remedies from fellow EM’ers.

Hi,I have had EM for about 5years now,What a pain in the ass, right! I take pregabalin 50 mg aka-lyrica and put my feet on ice when hot. Hope this helps, Debbie

I have found a wonderfully healing remedy for my EM. It is “Bob’s Protocol”. You can learn all about it on the FaceBook page “Fighting Fire with Fire.” I had disabling EM in my feet for 5 years. I was unable to stand or walk for more than a few minutes with out pain, I couldn’t wear socks or shoes, and had multiple flairs everyday and night. I am about 90% cured! The protocol is to soak my feet every evening in hot water (I use 105 degree water.) for 25-30 minutes and to stop all cooling, ALL cooling. I now believe that all the cooling I did for all those years made my pain much worse. Now I can walk vigorously 2.5 miles in socks and sneakers with very little pain! I can do all the normal things of life I could not do.
A few other things I still do but which never helped much: I do still take 400 mgs of Lyrica daily. Tylenol also helps me and I am on an anti-inflammatory diet, no caffeine, no alcohol. I was also taking 75 mg of Amitriptyline, and have recently reduced that to 25 mgs.
You should consider Bob’s protocol. It has helped many EM sufferers. It is really the only thing that actually, significantly helped me! The first week of the protocol is hard, but then it started to help me more and more.

Hi there! I have EM in hands and feet. I am somewhat envious that you can get the compounded cream (amitripyline and ketamine)! I would like to try it, but here in the Uk it is not available, the only topical treatments are capsaicin and lidocaine on prescription only (off-label use from a willing GP). I have found the 5% lidocaine plasters effective for my feet and palms, but too difficult to apply to my sore fingers of course. Lidocaine ointment is not so effective. I never managed more than a few days with the capsaicin - too tricky, the stuff seems to get everywhere! So far I have managed to avoid most oral medications, as I would rather work with topicals and practical measures if possible. Diet wise, the only major trigger is alcohol (and hot food!)