Handicap plate for EM?

Hello everyone !

I had a question. Has anyone ever thought of or been able to get a handicap plate so you can get quickly from your car into a store, etc. during the hot months or for those that live year round in warm climates? Because this is a major disability and loss of quality of life when you can’t get in the door fast enough because of parking and then are in excrutiating pain !

But if I was to get one, and I would use it only on the summer days, people would see me “run” or “walk extremely fast” even from the handicap spot to the door. Followed up with probably a public forum saying that a women had a handicap plate and walked and even ran fine.

I know I shouldn’t care what people think. I’m trying to become that person.

I hope that today brings you all much relief and laughter.

If your doctor signs the DMV paperwork they will issue the plate. You are not required to park in a handicapped space so you could just exercise the spaces in the summer. What people will think?..Who knows!..

Yes I am going to wait until next summer hoping this all changes for me. But if not, I am going to get one. Just use on the extreme days so I can do what I need to do. If anyone says anything, I’ll have my print out of the disease and just hand it them. That will shut them up and bring awareness !

I have got one as due to EM I am struggling with Gangrene. I think it helps so much I can get to park right outside the door, so I don’t have times in sun My EM is now in my feet, legs, privates, hands, arms, shoulders, head and neck. Gangrene hits toes and fingers. So I am in and out of a electric chair these days… Like Dr Coen who just died, I would say no life once only torso left to be effected with the ( what I think is ) the world cruelest disease. Em get worse not better, and faster when older. So get a parking permit as it really does make a difference. Here in New Zealand it is getting hot, and the sun is no more my friend.

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Hi, I have a handicap plate already and so thankful I do. I’ve had EM for 3 yrs now. It’s in my feet and it seems like it’s crawling up my feet to my ankles. The pain is severe and they get so red and swollen that I think my skin is going to crack open. My dr tells me NOT to submerge them in cold water. It’s such a miserable disease!