Happy New Year!

Massive hello to everyone,

Alina, Nel and I hope you all have had a lovely and 'comfortable' Christmas.Well, 2014 is almost ending and a new year is about to begin, bringing with it new hope, aspirations, resolutions and excitement.

Have you made any New Year resolutions?

Do you have any traditions ? How will you welcome in the New Year?

2015 is reportedly to be a year of expansion and growth.

2015 predictions



Chinese year of wood sheep - goat, ram (February 4th)


New Year celebrations.

Like any good Latin family we do 'las doce uvas de la suerte'( the 12 grapes of luck).. One grape to be eaten upon every chime-. Its so fun however poorly you feel- please try it. You can use raisins or another dried fruit if you like as grape eating is not as easy as it sounds ;). Seafood, cordero asado (roast lamb), party poppers and Prosecco , Cava and Champagne!. We also hang garlic above our doorway to cast out 'mal de ojo' (evil eye - bad luck)

In the UK (where I live) we just have the chimes of Big Ben , fireworks and alcohol. Corks popped at midnight and loud singing of Auld Lang Syne. That song makes me cry every year!!!!!! First-footing is also done by some families in UK , although its a true Scottish tradition 'Hogmanay' . Its being the first to enter the home of a friend or family member after the stroke of midnight, carrying a gift of whisky, bread, a coin – or a lump of coal for good luck.

Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Happy New Year!

Felice Anno Nuovo!

God bless


Hi Mads and everyone,

Happy New Year to you all, too. No big traditions in Australia to report. At least none that I follow except for singing Auld Lang Syne after the midnight kiss.I live in Sydney so we have massive fireworks over the harbour bridge and other areas around the harbour that start at midnight, go for about 20 minutes and then there is a golden waterfall of fireworks off the bridge and finally am inspirational word for the year lights up on it. Each year we wonder what the inspirational word is going to be. Then it is soon forgotten, lol.

But there is a feeling of a fresh start. May all of us here, and our families and friends have a good 2015. For all of us, I wish good health and happiness. I still haven't come up with any new year resolutions but I will be interested to read other ones as I'm open to a good suggestion. I just had a thought, perhaps I will be inspired by 2015's inspirational word, not forget it,

and make it my new years eve resolution to practice it?

Mads, your Latin traditions do sound like fun. :)

Lots of happiness to you all in 2015,