Has anyone purchased an adjustable bed to raise your feet?

I am thinking about purchasing an adjustable bed so I can raise up my feet when I sleep. Right now I sleep with my head raised to help my stomach. But, I’ve been thinking that it’s probably not helping my feet at all because they are actually lower. I would appreciate any comments!

What a great question Miss Patti!

Based on the premise that elevation helps , purchasing an adjustable bed is a fantastic idea. In the early days before I knew what worked best for me (elevation doesnt do much for me or help me stop flares), I bought a foam wedge to put under my bottom sheet. Its cheapest way to elevate but obviously not flexible . In UK adjustable beds are extortionate price. A new piece of equipment was mentioned to be by an elderly neighbour with RA. Its a elevating plaque that you can place at top of a normal bed/or bottom. Its adjustable and fitted to the bottom frame or existing mattress. Looked ideal to me , flexible (you can raise/lower with remote) and cheaper lol!. My understanding is that this 'plaque' is available for those of us with disabilities via the NHS social services Dept (UK EM'ers). Rather than elevation I prefer to have a cage protecting me from weight of sheets/bedclothes. I am so hyper sensitive I cant tolerate anything touching my skin. I also sleep sitting up because of ANS GI/breathing issues. Sitting up to sleep is tough - bless you. I have added some links for you from previous discussions on this topic.

God bless x



Thank you, mads! I can get an adjustable queen size bed here in US at Costco for under $2000. It’s still a lot but way cheaper than a Sleep Number bed. My husband & I checked into a Sleep Number yesterday. And for a split king adjustable bed with a cooling pad just on my side it was over $8800.00!!! I told them nicely that it was a ridiculous price for an air bed! My sister has one & loves it but it’s way too much for us. And the cooling pad is awesome! If I just bought it to put on top of my mattress it would still be over $1000.00!!! I noticed as I was reading the discussions from last year that there was mention about many of us also having back pain. And I suffer greatly with it. In fact, I’ve suffered with low back pain ever since I acquired EM. I go thru periods where it subsides some but ever since beginning of 2014 I’ve been suffering real bad. Looks like I will be considering cortisone shots. Well, I could tell you more but I think I have written enough this time! Hope we all get rest tonight!

I used to have one, it was a 50 year old model, worked great, but fell apart. I might get another, I think there is one in storage here. They help a lot!

If you get one, get the extra long, if you are over 5’-6" tall. The regular size when folded is to short.

Thank you, Jon sparky! My husband & I are still talking about it. But, I don’t think I have a choice any longer. My feet are so bad at night like all of you & I’m just looking at anything for even just a little bit of relief. But, good to know about getting the extra long. I’m 5’-6". I also have another issue when I sleep. I have been sleeping on my sides with a body pillow for a long time due to back problems, shoulders, & stomach problems. But, now my body pillow is making my legs hot which in turn make my feet flare. I’ve been contemplating those chillow pillows but they sound like they are really heavy. I would probably get 2. One for between my knees & one to prop up my shoulders when I’m on my side. Does anybody have them & do you think they would be too heavy for what I need?

BTW, I have also seen a metal frame that hooks on the end of the bed, to create a tent so your feet don't touch the covers.

Thank you, Jon!