Has anyone tried Botox for their feet & toes?

My dermatologist, who I work for from home, wants to experiment by injecting Botox in my toes & feet because they have gotten so bad. I’m kind of nervous about trying it in case it makes me worse. I guess it’s to deaden the nerves. I don’t want to make a desicion until I hear from some of you. Please let me know if any of you have tried it & if so, what your results were.
Thank you!
Miss Patti

Hi Miss Patti, I have never heard of Botox for EM but that doesn't mean it doesn't work. As long as your dermatologist is fully qualified I suppose you can trust his judgement. It's worth giving anything a try so long as your doctors know beforehand. I know you say you work for him from home and so you will know more about him than most!

Hi sheltielife,

Thank you for your response. I will be seeing my dermatologist tomorrow for the possible botox. I still don't know if I'm going to try it. This week she told me she has researched it for my problem and it's definitely worth a try. After I talk to her more about it tomorrow I will make my decision. And, yes, I do trust her! I will post the outcome if I do it.

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Hi Miss Patti,

Yes, please let us all know the outcome. It's always interesting to hear of things that work for people.

Hi sheltielife,

Well, I had Botox put in just 2 of my toes because my doctor didn’t want to take a chance just in case it made me worse. Then she told me it takes 2 weeks before it will take effect. She had me put my toes on ice for a few minutes to help numb them for the shots. The shots hurt quite a bit but my feet were at their worst. She put 3 shots underneath each toe & 3 shots on the top. So, I should notice a difference a week from tomorrow. My doctor is very hopeful. I told her she could hope for me because I’ve been let down too many times. So, I will update you again in a week. Believe me, if it makes my toes better I don’t care about the pain of the shots! I will do it every 4 to 6 months if it works! Plus, I will want everyone to know so they can try it!

I hope it does work for you, as you say it's worth suffering more pain for a short time to get long term gain. Plus thanks for sharing this as if it does work other people might well consider it.

Let me know if it works

Well, the doctor only injected 2 toes a little over 2 weeks ago & unfortunately I had no response to it. But, my feet are so bad that she thinks maybe I should have my whole foot injected especially since I didn’t have a bad reaction. I was telling her that I didn’t know if I could tell any difference in just 2 toes since my whole foot is burning & swollen twice its size. Both feet are bad but my right foot is a little worse so she thought we would just try one foot for now. I have it scheduled for Nov 2nd but I’m still thinking about it. I googled it & saw that it’s being considered for our problem but I couldn’t find any specific cases. My doctor said she found online that Botox is being used for EM. So, I’m still deciding if I want to go thru with it. I will let you know!

Mindy said:

Let me know if it works