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i think this is the second time i’ve asked this…

anyone here try it after being diagnosed? would be like bob’s protacal

and anyone know why infared is better?

Try medical marijuana… Cherry Wine (flower) hi CBD/low THC

This week, I enjoy 3 day at the beach…

Hi, I live in NZ. Can you tell me what Medical Marijuana you take and what strength. Could you also tell me how much you take and how often.
I have just got some from Canada and starting off at 0.05 and increasing 0.05 every 4th day
What is Cherry Wine (flower)? We don’t normally get prescribed this so we (Doctors and I) rely on things we learn on the net.
Thank you in advance.


1- I use cbd oil twice daily/e pumps (pharma hemp complex 550mg-unflavored oral

-I vape medical marijuana micro dosis twice daily flowers LOW in THC and HI in CBD (I stated doing this) then I notice that hybrid flower help me (always with MORE CBD than THC.


Cherry Wine (less than 0.62% of THC)

CBD Blue Shark-hybrid-

Guava Jelly- CBD hybrid indica-

How I vape?
I never in my hole life use before marihuana. For that reason I first try ONLY CBD oil. Then I try Cherry Wine flower and noticed a relief on my EM constant symptoms.

3 months ago, I decide try a flower who an artist distributing after he win his battle against his cancer: Monte Sagrado (CBD Blue Shark-hybrid). At second my body change, I saw my self white again… at this moment I start to recovery… NOT cure, but this week I went to the beach (I move to Puerto Rico from Utah)…

All bodies are different. That is my routine:

Wake up- uses 2 pump of CBD oil-hemp oil-

At 10-11am- vaporizer ONLY 2 times (micro dosis) of Cherry Wine (hi CBD-low THC)

2-4pm (depends if I needs going outside) vaporize again Guava Jelly (2 micro dosis) this flower has more THC than Cherry Wine.

7pm I uses 2 pump of CBD hemp oil

11pm Before sleep Vape 2-3 micro dosis of CBD Blue Shark-hybrid-

Also I used: magnesium, D3 and an antihistamine.

When I start medical marijuana I left more than 10 medicines…

I hope I can help you.

wow I can’t imagine living in puerto rico with this! i am glad you found a routine that works for you.

Can I ask you if you think the low % THC works better for you than higher %'s?
Does your EM “know” the difference between pure CBD and low % THC?

Thank you for all the information, now I have to get my head around all this. The Cherry and Guava stuff where do you get it? Have never heard of it but we are in NZ at the end of the Earth. lol
Very pleased that it has helped you and so nice to hear positive things.

Really good question and I think a lot of people would want to know the answer.

Hi! I buy it’s flowers in a medical cannabis dispensary. For that reason I told about the components.

Yes, of course, HI CBD with low THC /or hybrid… always with more CBD than THC works.

In your country, medical cannabis is legal??? I came back to Puerto Rico because in Utah is ilegal…

I have been on Bob’s protocol for 6 weeks. I can’t say enough about it, except I don’t know how it works but it does. I’ve had EM for nearly 14 yrs and have been racked with pain for 80% of those or maybe more. This past bout was the worst and I considered ending it all, but then I remembered hearing about the protocol and figured I could not hurt any worse. I didn’t!
My pain has been reduced by so much. I still cannot stand for long or walk too far, but I can live with that. My pain docs are amazed and happy for me. Patty :slight_smile: