Hello darkness My old friend

So i did this test ,I dropped my right leg on some hot water and poof whole shit started burning like Hell What do you guys think? IS this EM

And the medical care here IS some next level shit,I havent even get to a blood test and its been like a century of waiting and waiting xD, Losing my mind slowly but surely…

Why did you put your foot in hot water? That’s not a good idea. It looks like you burned your foot and leg! EM gets triggered by many things… like stress, hot weather, hormones etc. If you do have it, you don’t have to be trying to make it flare up. Why are you doing this?

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I tested how it reacted and took pics for future doctor appointment.

In another post you stated you have juvenile arthritis. Have you notified the doctor treating you for that condition about these symptoms? You wrote you’ve had symptoms for 3 years, correct? I don’t know if you’re aware, but EM can be secondary to auto-immune conditions such as JA. In those cases, treating the underlying condition often helps control EM symptoms. What is the status of your JA?

Hey, Carter, My juvenile arthritis is in remission right now and i think it might be underlaying root of this EM,I dont think i have any myeloproliferative disease even thou i have always had high hemoglobin,Thank You all for replies.

Im trying to get a blood test but it takes some time,I have seen so many doctors before this burning came ,everything takes time but now i have the pictures for proof just need a doctor to look at them, Trying to get appointment to a reumatologist ,pretty sure My EM is secondary.

Hey Anton, I’m on the waitlist at the Mayo Clinic to be seen by Dr. Mark Davis, but it’s going to take 2 years. I see your mention of outstanding medical results. I was wondering where you have been going and who you are seeing for treatment? My EM is effecting me severly and I would like to make some sort of progress.

Hey, Well long story short i actually didnt have EM i was diagnosed with POTS caused by hEDS so yeah these things are pretty complex, but 2 years wait thats a joke like really?

Oh wow, who did you go to or how did they diagnose that? Sadly, no it’s not a joke. Pretty ridiculous though, right?