Help me diagnose? Itchy for a decade

About a decade ago, I first started showing symptoms. My feet itches. It was incredibly obnoxious, especially when I was trying to sleep at night. My then-boyfriend insisted it was athlete’s foot but I had absolutely no rash to show for it, and nothing that I had tried helped thr itch aside from the pressure of wearing socks.

Over the years, the itch slowly got worse. At some point I realized that sleeping with an ice pack at my feet (I still wore socks) helped reduce the itchy pain that was starting to feel more like burning. Because of my constant need to wear socks (again, the pressure gave mild relief) I began to actually get athlete’s foot on a regular basis. But the itchy/burny feeling was always there, with or without the athlete’s foot.

The only thing I had noticed that brought a flare-up of itching on was stress. I visited specialist after specialist. No answers. Tried various SSRIs with no success. They only messed with my mind. I have chronic depression as well and I had hoped they’d at least help with that but nope.

Through time my hands began to itch. The pain isn’t as bad as it is in my feet, but that itching is always constant. Then the lower part of my face began to get itchy too. I hardly notice the face itch most of the time but when I think about it, or if all the itching is flaring up, I certainly notice it.

I’ve only recently realized, while taking more hot baths than usual, that the bottoms of my feet tend to get more red during/after the bath. I suppose maybe my hands get pinker too? But if so it’s very mild. I haven’t noticed anything on my face.

I thought at first that maybe a soap/fragrance allergy was making the itching worse but after several weeks of fragrance-free baby shampoo only, and sometimes no soap at all, I’ve noticed zero difference.

I have not noticed my feet/hands/face feeling physically hotter through all of this. Only the sensation of burning and itching.

Does this sound like it could be erythromelalgia? I am missing the physical heat symptom. The redness has only been noticed after a full decade of suffering, and only then on the worst of the areas. The itch/burn is ALWAYS there.

Sorry, I can’t say that I’ve experienced extreme itching where I have flaring. It seems like I’ve read about other people experiencing some itching though. You can read through the posts and find others who may be more helpful to you as I’ve never had the itching you describe. Best wishes!

I was itchy ALL over. It was driving me mad. Yes it is a symptom EM. I was put on Gabapentin and it at least took the itching away (calmed it down enough I could tolerate it) I hope you get some relief. I can take the pain but the itching was horrific. The neurologist said that it was actually nerve pain, so that’s why I started the Gabapentin. Hope this helps you.