Help please? Newly diagnosed

I am not sure where I am to post. I am diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy, TOS, and possible Erythromelalgia. If I am in a flare it has lasted 3 months now! They have me on Lyrica and I can hardly walk. Need friends as am going crazy!

Hi Lilbit, just on where to post .... questions or requests for support are best posted as a discussion as they will get more views and, therefore, responses from the membership.

Blogs are really designed as somewhere to record your personal journey, or insights. Blogs will shortly be removed from the community.

So you may want to repost your blog as a discussion. In the meantime I'm thinking of you .... have you checked out our 'cool tips' page under 'useful resources' tab to see if there are any ideas which might help keep you comfy?

Hi Jules, yes, I reposted on the discussion. Thanks again! Yes, I just checked out the cool tips page - awesome ideas! how comfy....yes some very helpful. It is great that you all have so much input. I will post more when the Drs. start doing something worthwhile. For now...I try to stay positive and keep my mind off the feet/hands! How are you doing? I am hanging in. If I have been in a 3 month flare it seems to be getting a "little bit" better. I have been on on a nerve pain med and after titrating every 3 days I am so "loopy?" it is funny.