Help with meds

Would like responses if those who found Lyrica useful for EM. Dosage and timing.
Also if someone is taking Lyrica and an antidepressant which one and how much.

I find responses if meds that work including supplements but I can’t try if I don’t know levels.

Need so much help.
Early in diagnosis but been having some symptoms for years.
Thank you.

I take pregabalin (Lyrica generic) cap 75mg 3x day, Duloxetine (Cymbalta generic) EC DR cap 500 1x day, Salsalate 750 mg tab 2x day, and Acetaminophen w/Codeine 300-500 mg as needed.

The Salsalate makes a big difference on my pain. It is an aspirin based NSAID. Lyrica dulls feeling but also makes you a bit brain dead. Better than the pain though. My insurance wont cover it though because its not the preferred drug. I did try the other one but it didnt work for me, just like gabapentin (Lyrica alternative) didnt work for me. I hope that gives you some insight.

I’ve had EM for 17 yrs… Have been taking Lyrica since near the beginning stages. The pain was so bad that it was hard to tell if it was helping, but thru the years each time I try to reduce the dosage I find that it must be helping as the pain becomes intolerable once again. I am now at 275mg but will not try to go any lower for a while. I have been on a antidepressant in the past, but not for at least a year. I have been blessed with a reprieve by following “Bob’s protocol” for 2 years. No meds for that and my days are basically pain free till late afternoon and even then the pain is minuscule in comparison to the hell I was going through before. Hope you find this info helpful. My best to you. Patty

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Thank you. I am glad you are in a manageable state. I may early into the journey although I’ve been having some symptoms for years but didn’t know what to call it. My best wishes to you.

Hi. Thanks for your query. Did you see the magnifying glass search engine sign in the top right hand corner ? If you type in pregabolin this will give you more experiences and insights. All the best.