HO HO HO .....Perfect Christmas gifts for EM'ers!

Hi Guys,

With Christmas just a week or so away( Jan 6th for me - the Kings bring them 'Los Reyes'), what do you hope to receive?

In your opinion what would make a great gift to give to someone with EM and why??

Hope Los Reyes brings me a smartphone, I still use an old Nokia relic ;)

Great gift- cooling cap for scalp/facial flares

Comfy flip flops, portable hand fans (great if you’re out and about!) small fans you can move around the house easily, and I have been hooked on making peppermint foot cream! Essential oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, mixed with a light moisturizer + using a fan! Heaven :slight_smile: happy holidays Mads!

A cleaning service!

A chauffeur would be good:)

Hey, I have some suggestions - An Air Conditioner, frozen UGG BOOTS, a Kilo of Morphine, a bucket of Novacaine, and maybe a book to read while you wait for the pain to subside ... these sound like useful presents to me anyway ....

No good giving any form of Alcohol or fruit cake or puddings unless you want a food induced flare-up ...

There are some other things I could mention but I would get into trouble here for doing so - :-)

Cheers -

Greg (frostbite) ...

Well if you've been especially good, you could ask Santa for a chromebook so you can write on LWE while lying down with your feet elevated.

I love all of your ideas! I ditto the cleaning service, plus maybe a month or two of Netflix!