Hot shower, hot bath

Hello , I was wondering if all of you had pain by taking showers or hot baths ?

Yes, other people have said the same. I can't bath or shower at the moment as I have ulcers on my feet, but when I could have a bath I used to attempt to keep my feet and legs out of the water as it made them worse. Plus I used to love quite a hot bath but I started having to have the water much cooler than I used to.

Yes, I cannot take baths anymore as it is too uncomfortable to keep my feet out of the water. Quick showers with cold water running on my legs and feet just before I get out is the only way.


Hi, I use a shower chair similar to this one to shower. I put my feet against the cold tiles to keep them away from the hot water and wash them separately with colder water.

Hope it helps!

That looks good. I would still be frightened of splashing water on my feet due to the ulcer dressings as I daren't get them wet.

Once upon a time, I loved a good, long, hot soak in the tub. I have long since changed to showers. Baths are infrequent and not nearly as hot (I used to joke that if I didn't need medical attention it wasn't hot enough - those days are long gone), and I prop my feet on the edge of the tub. My feet do turn red and swell; however, they return to normal very quickly once I have my legs elevated and away from the heat.

For me, when my symptoms started, it was trial and error. I just learned what worked and what didn't.

Good luck!

and what is working ??

Hi Crayfish2015, I found the fact that you used to take long and hot baths quite interesting - I used to take really long and very very hot showers which I loved at the time.

I wonder if anyone else here used to be exposed to strong heat and if there's any correlation between that and getting EM.

Take care!

It is the same for me : very hot showers.

Same here very hot baths were awesome . Not anymore!

Yes used to love hot baths, can't remember last time I had a bath. Used to love hot showers not anymore, but I also have cold intolerance, so finding the right temperature can be challenging.

Hi everyone, thank you for your replies!

We are a small sample so no conclusions can be drawn but I find interesting the idea that there could be a link. Maybe our predisposition to develop EM could have compelled us to have hot baths/showers in the past?

I remember thinking it was strange, a bit before I developed EM symptoms, that my feet would go bright red right after a long hot shower. But it faded away shortly after so I didn't pay much attention to it. Was your EM preceded by this as well?

Take care!

Also for me ! My feet were very red when I was taking a hot shower, but I didn't pay attention...