Hot wax dip

I know everyone will cringe!
I am trying this out to relieve arthritis pain in my hands and feet.
If I time it right, when I am in Raynaud mode, it doesn’t set off the EM, well not so far… I have not tried it during a EM flare, I think that might make things unbearable… It does help with the PsA pain in the fingers.

Hi Jon. Yes, hot wax dips can be very therapeutic for your arthritis pain, I love them for my hands and feet (except when my feet are in neuropathy overdrive!!). And they can be very helpful in the moisturising of the psoriatic skin manifestations as well. You may want to post this over on PsA too.

I think though, for many members here, even the thought of putting their hands or feet in hot wax is likely a step too far ;)

I agree Jules, gosh hot wax! That doesn't sound a good idea to me.

I will go through bouts of Ivey cold hands and feet, then it feels good. It is now in the 90’s, so I will probably not be using it today… My feet are cooking after errands!

Hi Jon
It might well help with your PsA pain but surely this is the wrong discussion to be posting this to? You are quite right it made me cringe, gosh the thought of doing that when I am constantly trying to keep my feet, legs and hands cool is dreadful!