HOTDESK: Latest pain research news March,2015

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Here is a summary of the best pain research updates for the March issue of 'HOTDESK'.

Misophonia. Please stop making that noise.

Distict ME (CFS) stages found.

Alcohol consumption: A treatment for fibromyalgia?

Researchers Discover Breakthrough Chemical for Treatment of Neuropathic Pain - See more at:

Analysis of spider venom reveals seven promising compounds with potential to relieve chronic pain

Pursuing elusive diagnoses for rare diseases.

An alternative to medical marijuana for pain

Hopeful strides towards blood test for fibromyalgia

Corticosteroid use and lupus

Naps may help immunity in sleep deprivation

Thermal allodynia.Does using the phone make you flare?

CFS Is Now Called Systemic-Exertion-Intolerance Disease

Nested Case-Control Study of Selected Systemic Autoimmune Diseases in World Trade Center Rescue/Recovery Workers.

Spinal cord neurons that control pain and itch

Tanezumab back in the race. Lilly to resume testing pain drug

Axsome Therapeutics Announces FDA Fast Track Designation for AXS-02 for the Treatment of Pain Associated With Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

DEA issues warning about fentanyl

Researchers investigate antidepressant treatment for pain catastrophizing

Pain diary may slow patients recovery.

EM - positive results found with pregabalin and antidepressants.

Pain, Pain, Go Away. Antidepressants and pain management

Diazepam to temazepam: Everyday medicine that could leave you too woozy to drive

10 signs you have way to much cortisol

Neuro-Inflammation and Chronic Pain Link Established: Authors Call for Treatment Trials

Spinal cord stimulator raises bar on chronic pain relief

Opioid Endocrinopathy

The hygiene hypothesis

Mold poisoning: The hidden factor in many chronic illnesses

Platelet-Rich Plasma for Pain: Evidence Still Lacking

New pain relief delivery method discovered

Scientists Find Way to Turn Off Pain in Mice: Could Lead to New Treatments

Intestinal bacteria can be used to classify effects of different diseases

Scientists identify neural mechanism responsible for chronic pain

Cold therapy freezes wrinkles…

Genes and epigenetic processes as prospective
pain targets

The thermal grill illusion for pain relief…/2015/…/150326130837.htm…

Medications for lupus. Whats right for you ?…/medications-for-lupus-what-is-…/

Alternative' Cures for Hot Flashes: Worthwhile, or a Waste?

Is Fibromyalgia a Mitochondrial Disorder?

Non viral gene therapy in neuropathy

Is chronic pain relared to your thyroid health

Interesting research on circadian BP variabilty…