HOTDESK: The latest in pain research news November 2014

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Here is a summary of the best pain research updates for November issue of 'HOTDESK'.

Mematine shows promise for fibromyalgia

The Cholinergic Anti-inflammatory Pathway: A Missing Link
in Neuroimmunomodulation

Herbs to treat inflammation.

Ketamine: Reinventing chronic pain management

Chronic pain linked to vitamin D deficiency in men

An 'off' switch for pain.Adenosine A3 receptor

Scientists find a way to prevent chronic reverse pain

Pain matters

Molecular path of best resilience

Cold-induced pain linked to the garlic, mustard receptor

New opiod has abuse deterrent properties

Pain and itch in a dish

Nervous system plays bigger role

Legally prescribed opioid use may increase mortality in chronic pain patients

Electronically controlled drugs to reduce side effects?

Immune system disruption

Peripheral neuropathy. Burning and numbness in feet,hands and legs

Brain abnormalities in chronic fatigue

Why scratching makes you itch more

Whoa!! Thanks, Mads! I'll be working on that list for awhile, happily, as my feet are gearing up a level.

Thanks, Jane

Bless you . Im so sorry to hear that ,Jane. Well, we love to see you in the forum ; your ANS/epigenetic contributions are amazing. Have you any thing new to share?.I have some articles just released if you want to do some swapping lol!

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Thank you for all these great links! I haven't been very chatty, but I do read most everything I get from this great forum. You guys are wonderful. ~Gale

This is an amazing list of resources! Thank you so much for all the hard work you do for the rest of us!