HOW TO: Status, Discussion & Comment Wall Posts

We have lots of new members here on EM so a quick reminder of the main locations for posts, which types will be seen by the most people and how to generate the most interest and responses to questions:

STATUS: This is a short comment that you can add to the Latest Activity feed on the Main page in the box asking “How are you?”. For example, today I might write: The birds are singing, the sun is shining I want to garden but my feet didn’t get the Memo. Again!! I’m just making a quick observation on my day. I’m not looking for responses. Status posts are not designed to start discussions or prompt answers to questions. They are seen by the fewest people.

BLOG: BLOGs have been discontinued on EM, as members were confusing them with the discussion forum, creating dual forums.

DISCUSSION: If you have questions about EM, living with EM, treating EM, comments or insights about your personal journey or any other topic and would like responses and support from the community this is the way to do it. Please start a thread from the Discussion tab in the green banner. Your posts will be seen by the most people and receive more answers. A great place for helpful, supportive and often lively input.

COMMENT WALL: This is part of the member Profile Page where a specific message for that member can be left. A good example is a Welcome message for a new member.

Finally, please don’t forget that everyone who responds to your posts has given their time to reply. A note of acknowledgement or word of thanks is always appreciated and encourages everyone to actively participate in the community.