HPV Vaccine - EM and POTS

Dear EM Community - I believe the onset of my EM and also POTS is related to the Gardasil HPV Vaccine. My symptoms developed very shortly after the second shot of the vaccine I received (I did not return for the third). I also experienced bouts of vertigo after the vaccine which lasted 4-5 months. EM and POTS have not abated over time unfortunately. I’ve researched the vaccine and there are international studies reporting the Gardasil HPV vaccine may cause autonomic dysfunction, specifically POTS. I am sharing here in case this information is helpful to others.

HPV Vaccination Does Not Increase Risk of Syndromes with Autonomic Dysfunction


The quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccination does not appear to cause syndromes with autonomic dysfunction, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, a new study suggests.

The population based, self-controlled, case series analysis, published in BMJ , aimed to gain more understanding of the association between HPV vaccination and syndromes with autonomic dysfunction. Concerns about the safety of the HPV vaccine arose from anecdotal links between the vaccine and certain syndromes.

“The biggest takeaway from the study, is that syndromes with autonomic dysfunction were not more commonly diagnosed after HPV vaccination,” lead author Anders Hviid, Msc, DMSc, professor of pharmacoepidemiology at Statens Serum Institut in Copenhagen, Denmark, told Contagion ®. “The science supports that HPV vaccine is safe and effective.”

The results mirrored the conclusions of the European Medicines Agency and the American Autonomic Society and other studies that found no association between the vaccine and selected syndromes.

Limitations of the study included the possibility of misclassification of syndromes in the registry.

The study authors noted that some adverse events may occur by chance when a vaccine is introduced, but the study does not support a causal association. The study cannot formally exclude the possibility for increased risk, but it is unlikely that a larger increase in the rate of any syndrome is associated with vaccination.