I did give up

Em ruined my life and if they would have given me enough morphine(unrelated issue) at a time I would have ended it. It seems that my shrink and my doc DO talk. I was in a wheelchair full time with leg devices sticking straight out because lowering them was intolerable. I laid in bed a lot, anything else was too much. I lost 50 pounds to less than high school weight. My first EM symptom was in 1991 and peaked 3 years ago

and now...

well, acceptance. EM didn't ruin my life but it did change it. I left the state to live near my sister who saw to it that I got fattened up. Not fat really, I'm in great shape. I push 3 miles a few times a week and without leg devices. I'm not walking much but I'm not pissed off at the world anymore either. I was in a 5k last year and won my age group (no wheel chair category) I wasn't up for it this year but I'm OK with that.

I kayak fish every chance I get and life is better than good. I live on one lake with another about a mile away. I get my photo taken a lot while towing, it's an odd sight no? And something I never expected to hear, "your an inspiration". I even had trouble accepting that! geez

Life is well worth living.

Dear Barry

I just want to say that you ARE an inspiration. I admire you - you are going to live you life despite the pain. Bravo!