I stopped getting emails from LivingwithErythromelagia. How Come?

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I messaged you to ask you a private question.

Sharon from ModSupport

Hi Sharon,
I was unclear how to find out why I stopped receiving emails from LivingWithErythromelalgia and didn’t know where to go on the site to find this out. It seemed as though the only way I could get information is by posting a discussion. Is there another way to get this kind of information? This request for information should probably not be a “discussion”. The site is not the easiest to navigate. I know that this is not one sentence but I don’t have another way to ask? The fact that you are asking me to describe what I am looking for in one sentence is confusing because what I wrote as the name of the discussion is the one sentence that this is about. I guess you could boil it down to “not receiving emails”?

TJ Here. Somewhere along the line you disabled notifications. I enabled them for you. However its important to remember this is a discussion/support site. If you are not participating actively there is little information that comes from anyone but other members.

Hello connieb

I hear you about our software, called “Discourse”: although it’s amazing in a lot of ways, it can seem confusing to newbies because it was designed by engineers who thought they were building something intuitive. And it is to people who are younger than you and I am. :wink:

Discourse doesn’t come with a user manual, which is why we have a “New User Help” tab above, near the centre. If you click on that and scroll down you will find a home-grown help guide with answers to the most common questions our members have.

The answer to your question about seeing/changing your account settings is here:

In general, using the cursor to click on things opens new windows. No need to be hesitant: you can’t break the website! And if you get lost, click on the butterfly (upper left) and you will go back to the home page.

Please let me know if there’s anything missing from the User Help. And as you’ve found out, calling for help on the community will almost always connect you with a real human who is there because they like to help!

All the best to you

Seenie from ModSupport