If you want to say thank you for the football awareness day

Hi everyone !

I hope today you are pain and burn free !

If not today, tomorrow is my wish !

I posted a few things under awareness about the upcoming football awareness game (if you haven’t seen it you can view under awareness) but I wanted to post here as the other forums I belong to want to thank the kids for doing this for all of us.

So on each forum I ask that if you want to say something to the football team for doing this for us, you can comment below. Next week I will be providing to them a video thanking them and I will include all messages from the forums in this format, it will not disclose your name but please put the state you live in and I will only use your first initial. So they will see this as an example from you:

A. from Nevada says “thank you so much for doing this for us we truly appreciate it. At such a young age, you are doing something so precious !”

N. from Washington says “we can’t thank you enough! We need help, funding and awareness and you are helping us get this ! This will never be forgotten”

Those are examples so you know that your privacy is protected.

Thanks everyone !

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Paula, first big thanks to you for your time and effort spreading awareness!
To the football team:
Thank you so much for demonstrating such kindness, compassion, and caring by helping to raise awareness of erythromelalgia. Your support gives us strength to keep up the fight!

Hi Paula, it’s so great that you are trying to get more awareness going of our disabling condition. Thank YOU so much! And I would like to thank the football team so much for helping to spread more awareness! You’ll never know how much this means. Maybe we could get more help if more people knew about our burning…and you all have helped to get it started! You all have done a wonderful thing!! P. From north Idaho

I would also like to say thank you to the team for your help in spreading the word about EM. It is so encouraging to hear about young athletes making a difference! Thanks so much from M. in Texas

What a lovely way to teach character to these young men. It sounds like they are embracing this cause! I thank you so much for starting this kind of awareness campaign. Hopefully this will catch on!!! Thank you again many hugs to your sister
Robyn, California

Than you so much for your wonderful words! I will be working on this I hope over the weekend. I’m a bit behind. It will be so nice for the team to hear how much it means from all around the world. Something they can forever take with them into adulthood.

Thank you everyone! I am working on the thank you now to the team. It will be so wonderful for them to realize what they did is not a small thing… But a rather large message!