Illness and EM

Does anyone else’s symptoms see a slight increase when illness strikes? I seem to have picked up a flu bug while in NYC and have noticed a slight increase in symptoms while being sick.

I’ve not noticed any change with illness.

Only recently self diagnosed. Got blood tests today. Seeing rheumatologist soon.

Just getting over a bad flu. Had worst flare up ever. Swellings. Sore to touch etc. As I am now getting better flare up has dissipated rapidly. Swelling down. Not sore. Symptom strength now 1/10.

Yes for sure, my sinusitis, allergy, asthma coincides with worsening poly neuropathy and EM. My EM is rooted in late stage neuro lyme and coinfections, and have constantly cycling symptoms, and the EM always worsens or is triggered with other symptoms, also have immune deficiency, you may have that as well.

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Thanks for the replies everyone. I realized that the amino acids that I started taking to combat workout fatigue contained arginine and magnesium causing an increase in NO and subsequent vasodilation. Upon stopping them my symptoms subsided. I’m sure that working out while tired and flu-ridden did not help the cause either.

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