Introduction and questions

Hi. For the past week, I’ve been having awful redness in my feet and hands, the worst burning sensations, and the skin feels hot to the touch. Sometimes I’ll have the burning sensations without the redness which baffles me. It could be that I’m stressed, but I also started taking cymbalta for anxiety recently.

Family friends who are a dermatologist and neurologist both suspect I’m suffering from EM. As I’m laying down in bed right now, my legs and feet are burning. I’ll sometimes also have the sensation in my back, neck and face. My hands also feel very weak. I don’t know what to do and am scared that my symptoms will get worse but am glad to know that there is a community here. I’m 21 by the way and don’t know if this disorder comes on suddenly or if stress and anxiety can cause it. I look forward to getting to know you all and hopefully figuring out a way to deal and end this burning.

Welcome to the community, Austin.

Are your symptoms alleviated by cold and elevation? Stress is known to exacerbate EM.

My hands also feel very weak.

That is not a symptom of EM. Erythromelalgia does not affect muscular strength or coordination.

Thank you. I was also diagnosed with somatization disorder which could possible be the cause of the muscle weakness. My feet seem to feel a bit better elevated but kill after a hot shower. I see some people take cymbalta for EM but it doesn’t seem to be helping me, rather it helps for anxiety.