Irregular heartbeat

I am wondering if EM Contributes to irregular heartbeat. Mine continues to get worse as the years go by.

If it is due to autonomic neuropathy or dysfunction, they can be due to the same cause. However, it is highly unlikely that they are correlated. They are more likely due to different causes and irregular heartbeats are very commonplace, heck I’m 25 and healthy other than my slowly improving EM and I have had a diagnosed irregular heartbeat and supraventricular tachycardia since my late teens. In general, irregular heartbeats are not of much concern.

My EM began at the same time I began having heart palpitations with my heart pounding so hard my chest would dramatically move like in a cartoon. The random palpitations stopped after a year or so but the EM continued. The EM was also happening at other times.

I was diagnosed with hypertension, and sinus tachycardia more than 20 years prior to the start of EM; also diagnosed with aortic valve disorder and cardiac murmurs approximately 5 years prior to the start of EM. I have regular electrocardiograms, stress echocardiograms, etc. on a regular basis. My cardiologist found no reason for the random heart poundings and they never happened when wearing a monitor.

I never discussed the EM with the cardiologist or primary as I thought it was some random thing that would go away. Wasn’t diagnosed with EM until I moved to another state.