Is this EM or something else?

Started 3 years ago getting redness and tingling now they just burn, I also have juvenile arthritis so yeah what a time to be alive…and in finland doctors dont know anything so im left alone with this shit…

I have very similar photos to yours especially the rash on your leg…I have not been disagnosed but all my blood work is normal so I’m think it’s EM…do your legs/feet get red immediately from being outside in degrees over 75? Mine do, it’s awful…here’s a pic of my legs…my doc thought it was hives at first but it’s not responding to antihistamines. My feet get red, swollen, and so hot after walking for more than 10 min…I also tend to get rashes more in the afternoon as opposed to morning…does this happen to you? really want some answers for this soon! Summer is starting where I am and I’m dreading it.

Hey thx for the reply ,Yeah the heat is a trigger and exercise , My rashes are similar to yours i have not been diagnosed yet , And yeah summers suck cant really go outside because of the pain :frowning:

I think its EM for both of us, Im trying to get a doctors appointment but its taking so long and the pain just keeps getting worse, Im currently doing Wim Hoff method and cold showers to control the pain really helps. Im on no medication so yeah sucks.