Itching at the scalp


I would like to speak about another health problem: since a few weeks I have strong itching at the scalp, especially in the evening and shortly after I started to lose a lot of hair. My doctor prescribed me to of iron and zinc but without success.

Do you know this symptom?

My treatment: 2 cymbaltas, 1/4 Clonazepan and when I go to bed: 1 Paracetamol 500 mg with Codeine: I sleep all night but with a lot of nightmares and in the morning, this is awful: I am completely "abrutie"...

I would like to have your comments.

As regards Dr. Cohen, I have tried several of these treatments, only the PHOSPHATIDYL CHOLINE 420MG has helped me for about 2 months not more. By against the feverfew had sharply worsened my burns. Magnesium has not been effective.

Bonjour Mélodie,

I have this symptom too. My doctor attributed my itchy scalp to my sensivity to heat and I also have dermatographism. I'm still in the process of getting a right diagnosis, but the only thing that helped me is a topical corticosteroid lotion.

Thank you for your reply. Since these itching, i lose a lot of hair. You also?
On the advice of my doctor, I have taken to trace elements (Zinc/iron) without improvement. ...