»It's primarily a mental problem.»

It took many years before a doctor agreed to send me to a neurologist. Instead I was told that they had found nothing wrong with me and that I ought to see a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist. Which I also did several times, coming none the wiser out of it. One CBT therapist said explicitly – after I'd asked him what he thought, I should add – that my ailments primarily were a mental problem. I remember saying to one doctor in year 2000 or so that I could feel this is a somatic issue, not something in my head. I've felt so frustrated but also so guilty and depressed so many times for not getting any better.

Do you also have similar experiences of having been referred to therapists or psychiatrists or have had your mental health questioned when your doctors weren't able to find anything from the ordinary blood tests? Or have I just been unlucky?

I think it happens for a lot of us. In my case, I was trying to tell my doctors my weird symptoms and they weren't listening to me. So I made some research, I saw that they look much like ADHD. When my doctor sent me to the psychiatrist, he said that since I was very intelligent, it was a grey area. Then I had do be tested by a neuropsychiatrist who diagnosed me with ADHD. It turns out that when I compare my test results to the research that have been done, my symptoms are closer to fatigue than ADHD. Only when I'll recieve the right treatment will I know for sure.

For the treatment of ADHD, I went to another psychiatrist. After a few appointments, she told me that I seemed anxious, so my counsellor told me too. It turns out that I discovered I had hyperadrenergic POTS . It has been a long road for me to differeciate what's physical and what's psychological, but I feel better since I recieve the right diagnoses.

It's not just doctors. I watched the movie Safe by Todd Haynes for a cinema class. Out of 15 people, we were 2 who had similar experiences; me and a girl who had coelliac. We were both commenting on how the first part of the movie was realistic. The other members of the class were saying how much she looked insane and it was all in her head...