Just a question!

Hi first sorry for my bad english .
so i’m not diagnosed yet ; but i think i have EM whenever i stand or walk i can feel my feet become warm and kinda red if i ignore it and keep standing my legs will start itching in a way i can’t even describe of course with some red spots that are usually hot to touch ( not too hot and under my knees) i can take a hot shower (sitting of course ) walk with thick boots and sleep at night without any sort of pain or discomfort 'yet my feet look very reddish and warm (again not too warm ) i hope my description is clear … (The itchiness will get better if i keep on moving )… One more thing if i lay down or elevate my feet it will immediately feel better and the redness and itchiness will go away .
I’m a 21 years old male and the symptoms started about a year ago and they are getting worse !.
Thank you !