Kratom(Mitragyna speciosa) is a amazing

Hello everyone,

I recently found this site, thank the universe. I have been trying to find out what I had for the past 5-6 years. My erythro is mainly in my hands. Some times if I’m being care less(bad eating habits, no exercise, coffee and alcohol) I get it something awful. Well this last year I had been slacking and doing what I mentioned above. I always find out when the winter ends and I do something really intense with my hands like moving heavy objects when it’s hot. Well a few weeks ago they blew up. The hardest part is when they blow up you want to rub and itch but that just makes it worse and worse.

Well, I had been introduced to a powder called Kratom, it’s from a plant. My wife replaced her ibuprofin with kratom for menstrual pains. A lot of people use it for pain and to get off of heroin addiction. If you look it up online there is a ton of information on it. Well for my EM I have tried about every over the counter med with no result. This year when it flared up I took a teaspoon of Kratom and OH MY GOD. Blissful, the pain completely vanished from my hands and I could rest easily! It almost feels like it helped reduce the swelling as well. But, it could be that I just don’t touch my hands(that sounds funny)when I have taken Kratom.

You can order it online in a lot of places, we have a local kava bar that serves it. I found this forum and had to share because I understand how absolutely frustrating life can be with EM. Can make it into a tea, capsules or just a teaspoon although it is extremely bitter. But god, once it kicks in that taste is nothing to me. I had some today because my finger was blowing up. It soothed the pain and I lay down for a wonderful restful pain free nap. If you have any questions I’m here. I hope this helps others :).

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Hi there, Danomac

We’re glad that you found us! Your suggestion is interesting, and thank you for posting. As with any complimentary therapy, please be sure to inform your doctors about what you are taking and doing. This is especially important with herbals and supplements.

Looking forward to seeing more posts from you. Again, welcome to the group.

Seenie from Moderator Support

I do agree with Seenie very important to tell your doctor that you are taking that isn’t prescribed as if they prescribe a new medication it could interact with what you have purchased and have serious consequences. Even something simple like grape fruit juice can affect how a drug behaves.


I don’t take any pharmaceutical drugs. Any that I have tried, the side effects outweigh the benefits for me. Through the years of trials and tribulations CBD and Kratom are my go to for flare ups and pain.

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