Lidocaine at Standford Medical

I did go for a five-day infusion at Thanksgiving at Standford for lidocaine. . After the third day we decided it was not working and I left then. I did not get any pain relief at all and as you might imagine quite disappointed. I had different doctors then you, don’t remember their names at the moment. They said there was probably no point in me trying any more sodium blockers since the lidocaine didn’t work.
I’m not doing very well at the moment with hypertension issues. Issues that seems to be unique never seen it before. Blood pressure rises while I sleep and doesn’t come down until I eat breakfast. Currently on a beta blocker and an Ace inhibitor. My neurologist says this is all part of my Dysautonomia.

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That is very disappointing. Hang in there and keep looking for an answer.

Bottner - I am so sorry for that outcome with Stanford lidocaine, yes I can imagine that must be pretty devastating, especially with the effort in traveling.

I hope you get some relief from your dysautonomia.

Sympathetic nerve block. I’ve tried or attempted to qualify for almost everything with the exception of a sympathetic nerve block. Wondering what experience other EM patients have had with it.

Hi Bottner- I recently searched the forum for this very thing. My Dr. Suggested I look into it. He stated a Chemical induced nerve block would be done first as a trial to see if it would work. (Which has its own possible permanent side effects) Please thoroughly research. I think I only seen one old post where a user claimed relief. Just search and read through the threads and elsewhere. I don’t believe I am to that stage yet to try something that drastic. Best of luck, I do wish you relief.

Thanks for your response. What I am looking at is considered a very safe procedure. I’m guessing what you’re referring to is the removal Surgery of sympathetic nerves. What I am looking at is their anesthetizing the sympathetic nerves running along the spine around L-3 or L-4. It’s sometimes done once and in some cases every week or two for a few months. It apparently is used more often with CRPS. My neurologist tells me he has seen some terrific outcomes with CRPS.