Looking for the light

Hmmm, the holidays are over and I am not in a good place. Pain inside and out has turned onto a jumbles mess I am too tired to clean up. I hope something sparkly comes my way soon to distract me from me.

Maybe you'll meet a few new friends on the site to keep you distracted. :)

Scott, sorry for the morose blog/post thingy. I guess I was just feeling down. I got out and about today and it was nice. I am elevating and cooling now lol. Thank you for your kind response. Interacting here and reading others stories, many so similar to my own, has brought much comfort.

Take care and have a wonderful, easy fun day!! :0)


no worries. everyone is entitled to express how they feel. plus, if you put up a post like this, it's likely people will see it and cheer you up :)