Low blood pressure! Experiences? Anyone on meds for it?

Hi, everyone. I have been struggling with symptoms from my (always been) low blood pressure - headache, lightheadedness, episodes of sudden pre-syncope, fog, etc. I’ve seen many doctors, but they’ve done a lot of shoulder-shrugging and told me to drink even more water (and, side note, most have still never heard of EM).

When I was on the Mayo Clinic page about low blood pressure, I saw that they mention a specific medication - midodrine (Orvaten) - as a treatment for orthostatic hypotension, saying that the drug reduces the vessels’ ability to expand, thus raising blood pressure.

This bit about vessels made me think of my (primary) EM instantly, of course. So I thought I’d check in here - anybody have experience taking this medication? Or any other experiences to share with EM and low blood pressure?

Yes yes yes!!! Have not tried the medication, but about a month ago I passed out and fell and hit my head. I ended up in the hospital, confirmed orthostasis and tachycardia. I have always had low blood pressure too. Was given an abdominal binder to wear when I go to bathroom at night and some isometric exercises to do. But one of the most illuminating things was a visit w dietitian. I am supposed to have 10,000 mg sodium per day!!! Yes, that much!!! She said I shouldn’t even be drinking plain water, put a salt packet in it. Everything that goes in my mouth needs to have a little salt. Hydration is important too but those people telling u to just drink more water are missing half the equation which is SALT!

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Oh my goodness, Sarah! Thank you SO much for this reply! (Apologies for not seeing it sooner - I used to get an email notification of replies here, but got nothing this time - and spaced on checking. Oops!)

The question of sodium intake has been floating around in my head in a major way this week! It’s really hard to find good info relating to raising low bp, since there is so much focus on lowering high bp. I was just talking to a friend the other day about how my whole life, it has seemed like general “for everybody” good advice to not eat too much sodium, not realizing that that advice might be harmful for some.

So reading your reply is one of those :bulb: :open_mouth: moments because it aligns with the only “something I could try” I’ve found, since doctors have been of little help. I hadn’t thought to speak with a dietitian yet, which I feel silly about because my diet tends to be very repetitive and light (thanks, GERD). I probably only get anywhere from 400 to 2000 mg of sodium a day, since I haven’t gone to a restaurant in ages and try to “eat healthy” at home.

So, two quick questions, if you see this:
How quickly did you feel better after upping your salt intake?
Would you mind expounding on what exactly those exercises are, that were suggested to you?