Low Body Temp? Low BP?

In my search for commonalities between us, any little thing that is a “hey yeah I have that too”…

Does anyone have a low body temp, or have an issue with regulating their body temp? I have always been between 96.8 and 97.1F, and I almost always feel cold even when it is hot out.

Does anyone have low blood pressure? I’m normally about 86/54.

Wow! Both are very low! I am often around 97.7, but when I feel bad, my temperature is between 99.1-99.9. As for blood pressure, it has always been very good, but last year, when I was feeling awful, it was often very high. I’ve wondered if it’s related to the autonomic nervous system being out of whack.

I also have a lower resting body temperature, around 96.8F or low 97F. My blood pressure is usually on the low end of normal, 118/75 or so.

Hello, everyone! I also have low blood pressure low 100/mid 70’s, it goes much lower when I am sick. I have also had some medical procedures stopped, or paused because my blood pressure bottomed out. My temperature runs low, too. I also have very low blood sugar levels. The last time I had a glucose tolerance test, I was in the low 60’s and was being asked if I was dizzy…I felt normal. I have instances of fainting or feeling faint, especially when I am sick, am overheated, or stand in one place for too long (even though I am careful not to lock my knees). I think the autonomic nervous system is connected to whatever this is?

I can be hot and cold at the same time. Hot feet, face and ears, but shivery. I’m on beta blockers for the erythro so blood pressure always low.

TwinMommy I’m just like you. My BP when taken after waking is usually around 90/60. And my temp is always on the low side, typically around 97.5. Neither is sufficiently low for my HMO to consider as important.

I’m pretty sure this is due to autonomic nervous system damage as I don’t sweat much either. Was diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy (SFN) over a year ago. (Note: some with SFN sweat profusely)

My “normal” body temperature is 97.8, but right before a flare and during, it always drops a full degree. This was proven at my rheumatologist appointment, when the nurse had to double check my temperature with a separate device and conveniently I was flaring the whole time in the exam room. I’ve since proven this over and over again at home.

“normal” BP is 100/60. I always get congratulations from health care providers for that, but honestly, I don’t think it is a good thing.

Since this original thread is over a year and a half old, I wonder if anyone since then has had any positive results from medications to stabilize body temperature.

Hi Larry, my usual temp is about 96.8 so even 98.6 feels like a fever to me. I have been like that all my life. (I am 54.) My BP has always been normal. You can take med to make you feel warmer, but it might increase your EM symptoms.
Lisa G

Hi, my body temp was low, too. My BP was running about 90/60 in the mornings and my GP thought it was fine but I would nearly faint when I stood up quickly.

Things got worse and worse, got so bad at times I could barely stand up or get out of bed. I finally figured out the real cause behind my EM, low body temp, low BP, and everything else (terrible malaise, foot pain while walking, ringing ears, insomnia, night sweats, etc.) – Lyme disease. Got myself to a Lyme literate doctor (LLMD) and I’ve been getting antibiotic treatment for 9 months so far. She ran an IGeneX Western Blot test and I was CDC positive for Lyme. I’d been tested by my neurologist 3 years ago and was told I didn’t have Lyme. Turns out the ELISA test most doctors run has a record of false negatives, misses over half the cases of Lyme. What makes Lyme even more nasty is it is usually accompanied by several co-infections which cause their own set of symptoms and problems.

Please consider that you could have Lyme. It’s been found in every state of the US as well as Europe, Asia, Australia, Central America, etc. The Northeast, Upper Midwest, and Northern California are areas particularly known to have Lyme. The ticks that transmit it are extremely small, about the size of a poppyseed. Not everyone gets a bull’s eye rash (I didn’t). It’s also believed other biting insects can transmit it. It can be transmitted to an unborn child and there is strong evidence it can be sexually transmitted.

Some are now using the DNA Connexions test for Lyme which does not require a doctor’s signature like the IGeneX. It is a urine test so it is easy to do.

So my temp is usually 97.6 or 98. even with full blown flu and strep I only get to 99.9 and I feel like I’m dying at that point. Its been like this since I was small. my bp used to be always 120/70’s but over the last year it’s gone down almost to like 90’s over 60s some times which I feel is very strange and abnormal after reading other posts maybe this is all related to EM because I started having all of these flares last year so maybe it’s all related to each other.