Mass Awareness Day State House

Hello Massachusetts Residents:

If you haven’t already registered for the state awareness day, you do need to do so asap.

I need the EM community to attend. I cannot do this alone. It is VERY IMPORANT that the legislators see that there is indeed an EM community and not just myself standing there.

Please email me at ■■■■ to register.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you !


Hi rayofhope, I see that your email address has been automatically blanked out, which is now built in. Are you okay with members sending you a Personal Message to ask for it? That might be the best way.

Hope you get a great turnout for State Awareness Day.

Christina from Moderator Support

Oh yes that is fine! I’m so sorry it’s hard to keep up with the forums rules when you belong to so many.

Thank you so much. It is a lot of work this state awareness day but I do hope that it is a success!