Med that may help some of you

When I first started have the worsening of EM that went beyond just something quirky with me, my PCP prescribed Salsalate 500mg (2 pills in the AM and 2 pills in the PM) because it was an aspirin based anti-inflammatory. Although he wouldn’t diagnose me, he at least was willing to try and prescribe something to help.

It’s not something I’ve seen mentioned as a normal treatment for EM but I can tell you, if I don’t take my morning pills by noon, I’m in a full on painful flare no matter what I do. Air conditions, fan, etc. it doesn’t matter. Normally I’m okay unless I actually do something that causes a flare. You know, shower, walk, stand, etc. I really didn’t notice how much it helped until I was late taking it a few times. I thought I would pass this info on and maybe it will help some of you that are getting no relief at all.


I started taking aspirin and it’s not really helping.