Meds for remission

I just wanted to share that I have been on Effexor for my depression and all my EM symptoms have gone away. I am on the Fentynal patch also for my fibro but I think I was still initially having problems with the EM. It wasn't until I started the Effexor that I got better. Well, what ever did it I am praising God and giving Him all the glory.

What incredible news, lisers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing, your story brings hope to us all.

Please stay in touch and keep us informed of how you are doing.

First time ever I am totally thrilled to see a member leave us ;)

God bless

Take real good care - OK

Big hug

mads x

How lovely to hear that you are having remission from EM symptoms, lisers. May it last forever. :)

I am so happy for you!
You truly have been blessed!
As mads said please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.
Thank you so much for sharing this great news with us!
Take care,

Great news!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!! Thank you for sharing and offering hope.
God bless

How is that working for you now?

So far I've been great. But my Effexor which is my anti-depressant doesn't seem to be helping much so I am concerned about changing it because I think the Effexor is what is helping my EM. I see my doctor in three weeks so we shall see.


novi said:

How is that working for you now?

Any updates, lisers? How are you? Still doing well, I hope...