Hi All,

Has anyone had to deal with hot flushes from menopause and EM? I feel like my hot flushes are actually triggering worse EM and they are definitely making it more difficult to regulate my temperature and covers at night.Does anyone have any tips from their own experiences on how to manage the interaction of these two things.

Something I can’t help with I had a hysterectomy when I was 32 so didn’t go through the menopause.

Hi, My EM started when I was 48, 16 years ago. I became menopausal at 51 & went thru hot flashes which in turn exacerbated my EM which then only affected my feet & hands. I started taking a light hormone called Activella & also started on Effexor XR. Those 2 together helped with hot flashes. I rarely had one & when I did it wasn’t bad & only lasted a couple of minutes & didn’t affect my EM. I was on the Activella for about 5 years & I’m still on Effexor. My EM has worsened a lot over the years so I don’t think the Effexor is helping anymore but I can’t get off of it. So, I would try something that’s like Effexor if there is such a thing because it’s a hard one to get out of your system. But, try Activella to help with hot flashes for a few years. I tried natural remedies before the hormone & nothing worked for me. Hope this helps!

I’ve always had EM (still undiagnosed but have an appointment in August with a Neurologist who knows what EM is). Even as a child I had EM but I never really knew it was a thing, I just knew my feet got too hot when I wore shoes or socks or covered them and always had to have a fan on them at night BUT when I hit menopause, I found out quickly that EM is a thing and it got a lot worse. Luckily after about 2 years, the hot flashes have mellowed out. I still get them, just not as many or as often but I have no doubt it’s what kicked my EM up a notch. It’s hard for me to go anywhere that I can’t have a fan on my feet. I need the airflow. I can no longer exercise and even grocery shopping is a nightmare. Basically any standing on my feet for more than a new minutes causes a flare. I have central air in my house but just bought a window air conditioner for my bedroom. I need my bedroom around 60-65 degrees at night to be tolerable and I don’t want to do that to the whole house (4000 sq ft). I can only imagine that electric bill. I can’t specifically say a hot flash causes a flare because they come and go so quick but I don’t think it was a coincidence that my EM got worse x10 when I hit menopause.