Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS)

I have erythromelalgia and small fiber neuropathy (confirmed with skin biopsy) and recently diagnosed with MGUS and have been referred to a hematologist. After eight years I finally have some answers. I did have a full body xray done which was normal. I understand this disorder increases risk of developing mulitple myeloma. I have the IgG kappa paraprotein. I have seen some posts in the past regarding this condition. Just wondering if anyone familiar with this disorder that would like to make a comment or have advice on what to expect.
Thanks in advance.

I have Mgus, EM small fiber neuropathy, raynauds and many other conditions, all rooted in late stage neuro lyme and associated coinfections. Having Mgus is not huge factor, I just get blood tests every 6 months to monitor, I never had a full body xray- never heard of that with mgus -your hematologist ordered that?

No my neurologist did but MGUS is associated with multiple myeloma which can cause bone lesions so it is a recommended test. It was negative and Insee hematologist next week. I feel that at this point, it is only MGUS. You get blood test every 6 months because you are at increased risk of developing multiple myeloma because you have MGUS.