My dog stepped on top of my feet yesterday

I have been trying to keep mobile when I can so , yesterday My dog and I went for a little scoot . Nice sunset , 4 Baseball games wrapping up and a few small kids around so I keep Piper close beside me (on a lead) and I guess with all thats going on around him he gets a little excited and walks on top of my nicely cooling feet (in so loosely velcro'd sandals) . It was all (for some time now) going well enough to to even had me checking out work for me . I actually thought something was a changing with my feet . Not so much it seems .

That was the ignition of the napalm . I knew then and there what may come today and sure enough . Stress , pushing the activity a little too much . "Life is everything that it comes with" I guess . Not the first time . My feet heated up while I slept as I didn't wake enough to get them out from under and have been heating since .

I tapered all my pain/sleep/anti-infl./anti-dep meds down to nada .... None for months .... Yay !! I have known for a while that I have been needing to refill some because it is too draining to fake and fight and avoid everything just to keep enough energy stored to resemble some sort of calm (failing grade , just can't do it all without crashing and burning all to quick .

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I’m sorry your EM is flaring up more now Kraft. Pushing yourself too much can definitely cause more flares not only during activity but long after. I have found that when pushing myself too hard I can get more severe and frequent flares for a couple of weeks after I stop and go back to just resting and cooling myself. Unfortunately it may not take much pushing for some of us to suffer prolonged consequences.
I have found if I don’t do it too often and its for something special bringing some all too rare joy it can be worth it. I can’t take the extra pain involved on a regular basis but every once in a while it’s nice to do something I can’t do if that makes sense.
I hope you enjoyed your outing and it was worth the extra pain.
Take care