Thank you so much Nel.... yes yes yes accupuncture is working fo me along with Lyrica 75mg 3x day, 1hour between 1st and 2nd, and 3rd around 5 pm. My accupuncturist has degree from China, 98% pain free sessions. here is here web site... , perhaps there may be some usefull info. I put my feet into doubble plastic bags and soak in water 20 degree. I also use plastic bags in the shower while sitting on a teak chair to avoid hot shower water. In bed I use several pillows under my feet about one foot. Hope these "tricks" work for you.

Have you tried Lidocain patches?

My best regards,


Mary, I’m sorry but I didn’t notice this blog.
Thank you for the link to the acupuncturist. All education is a good thing where EM is concerned!
I haven’t tried Lidocaine patches, mostly because of heart problems and its a possibility for the future. Like walking a tightrope between different diseases:)
I have got used to lukewarm, quick showers which don’t seem to give me much trouble. But EM evolves all the time so who knows what another year will bring. Evolving for the better I hope.
Best wishes