New Apps

Discourse (our platform sponsor) has developed an App for both Apple (IOS) and Android devices. Its a great app that you can use for multiple communities as well as look at community activity at a glance You can even opt for push notifications. To get these apps just click on the APPS tab in the middle above.

I got the Discourse App no problem but when I tried to add a site which it said you had to do it came back not available. I tried Bens Friends and Living with both EM and the full name all came back not available

which version apple or android? did you copy the address from” No quotes?

On most android devices it does require the Chrome Browser (which is standard now)

Thanks the problem was I didn’t know it wanted the web address I put the name in. It now works.

Thanks Kiddo. Glad thats all the problem was. I’ll update all the sites with better information/direction. Bad oversight on my part. Sorry…

That’s OK just confused me it just says Add a Site I suppose my fault now I know it’s obvious