New Topical Midodrine .2% compound cream

Hi Friends,

I saw a post from Beth L. and I don’t know if this is still relevant but i live in NYC and someone asked if we knew pharmacies who were willing to make the new midodrine cream. I just got the cream this week and have only used it for three days sparingly to make sure it wasn’t making the EM worse.

Here is the name and details of the phamacy: Hand C Chemists,
1299 First Avenue, NY, NY 10021 phone: 212-■■■■■■■■.

The cream cost me $150 for 4 ounces but it doesn’t phase me because insurance won’t cover compound medication. If it works, I wouldn’t care, i don’t use make up, perfume nor do I have my hair done so I will just consider this my “luxury”. My EM is localized in my toes and soles of my feet but it is constant- not flares and then periods of “calm”. Nothing has really helped. So if this cream helps, it would be a God-send.

I hope that this information helps someone.


Sorry - somehow my computer decided to do an “auto correct” - the pharmacy name is H & C Chemists all the rest of the information is the same!

I had been using Midodrine .2% cream for several months; the price in that time went from $89 to $120, it is helpful but for me Voltaren Cream works as well and not so expensive. My insurance will cover it @ $49.00 and when I go to Europe I get it any most any pharmacy for 8 Euros or pounds.

Hi Jordy, wondering if you wouldn’t mind updating on the midodrine cream. Are you still using it? Did it help? Thanks :slight_smile:

Anne, your insurance should cover compounds. You may have to get a prior auth for it but it should be covered. Keep in mind that per insurance industry standards a compound must contain more than one active ingredient.

If what you’re using has one activate ingredient what you want to do is have the pharm run the active ingredient to the insurance on its own then make the compound and charge you whatever the compounding fee is. It may not make a huge cost difference but every little bit helps. Check with your insurance personally about coverage, too, never trust the local pharm to give you correct insurance info/policy info.

I’ve worked for a prescription benefits management company in America for 15 years and the horror stories I could tell you about local pharmacy errors… Call your insurance and double check everything the local pharm has told you. Also, check for home delivery benefits. Often you can get 90 days delivered to your home at a discount.