NP thyroid and pain

I’ve been taking NatureThroid for few years and they stopped making it, So, I had to take NP thyroid and my feet are burning and look swollen. My feet have been doing ok last few years and now I’m back to the burning. Today I’m trying Amour thyroid, hoping it will not bother me. I think it might be the fillers in the pill. Has this happened to anyone else?

I also have thyroid condition. Maintaining a normal thyroid is very important for your health. The products you mentioned I have never heard of. Are they from health food store? I don’t know how you feel about prescriptions, but I see an internist and am given an RX. My thyroid functions normally. That is about the only thing that does.God bless you and I pray you get the RIGHT help.

NP thyroid and Amour thyroid have the same active ingredients, and actually they’re the same as Nature thyroid, so, odds are you’re reacting to an inactive ingredient. Have you tried Synthyoid or the generic? I found a great article that breaks it all down for us:

PS: they are all Rx items