Old dog, new tricks

Had a fall 14th June and broke my left wrist which required surgery involving plates and screws to put things back together. Fortunately I am right handed.

I was most apprehensive about being kept in hospital for three days as the environment tends to be very warm on the wards. Managed to get my trusty fan brought in, but in the meantime the Oral morphine and other pain relief injections and tablets given whilst waiting for the surgery the following day kept me free from any flares. I now know that morphine doesn't agree with me as I was really sick the first evening. Whatever the meds were that followed the surgery were I haven't a clue but I had no flares until the day after and then only a minor one which subsided quickly. Then I was allowed home.

I had a nerve block in the damaged arm when I woke up post-op which was a weird sensation. It could have been a lump of wood hanging from my shoulder for all the use it was. It didn't feel as if it belonged to me at all, Because I am so skinny the vascular stockings you are usually given to wear to prevent thrombosis were all too big so I had some sort of blood pressure cuffs around my lower legs which regularly pumped up and deflated - again an odd but not unpleasant sensation. They didn't affect my feet at all and, who knows, may have moved my circulation enough to prevent a flare. Must ask my Doctor about that - who knows, it might be a possible aid to EM relief. Though not a good look for trundling round the supermarket or dance floor:-)

Now I am even more limited having the use of only one arm. Can't even grip anything with my left hand/fingers. Ironing a shirt takes soooo long now. Trying to open a pill bottle with a safety lid yesterday had me almost crying in frustration but managed it in the end. Even a simple thing like just drying my right hand on a towel is tricky. Everything has to be thought out in advance and the cling film box is a whole story in itself. Now I know why we are given elbows, teeth, knees and feet!!!

I use a couple of inhalers to help with my breathing problems which require twisting round before use. I now do this by using my teeth but managed to chip the top two pearly whites in so doing. I will need some cosmetic work at the dentist when I see him next. That's another reason why I don't have a real picture of me on here. The cat is nearer to the truth than you might think.

I could go on but this is not a moan or rant. There are so many more people who have much, much worse to contend with. I am so lucky in my family who willingly help out despite their own busy lives.

Now it is time for battle with spreading butter on the bread without poking holes in it or sliding it onto the floor - butter side down naturally, Two trips to the fridge as I can only carry one thing at a time and milk makes such a mess when you drop it as I nearly did yesterday when trying to carry the cheese at the same time.

Oh great, now my heel is starting to flare so bang goes my hope of having a nap to catch up from last night's lack of sleep. Ain't life just peachy!

I love you Ms. Tilly hang in there. You are one tough lady,,, if anyone can triumph over that pesky wrist it is YOU !!! Hope we can chat again soon.