Overlapping disorders

Has anybody come across a link between erythromelalgia and ankylosing spondylitis? I got my mri results back last week and was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. Still waiting on the em diagnosis. … so frustrating jumping from doctor to doctor with little answers.

My general understanding is that EM is very often secondary to other inflammatory conditions including the arthropathies such as AS, RA and PsA. This is why successful treatment of the underlying condition can help alleviate the EM symptoms. I'm not pleased you have AS but pleased you have a diagnosis for a condition which can be treated and hopefully controlled. I have PsA myself (and I am a moderator on Ben's Friends Living With PsA community) so know a little about the treatments so if you have any qustions I may know where there are some resources that might help you, Natalia. Kindest, Jules

Hi Natalia,

As Jules says EM is often secondary to other illnesses, one of them being Rheumatoid Arthritis, which I have. I also have vascular problems, again another thing that can cause EM. I agree jumping from one doctor to another is not good, something that has been going on with me for a while. I hope that you find ways of helping whatever the cause as there is a lot of useful information on here, if not to cure to help with the symptoms.


It's possible that secondary EM is triggered by inflammation, whether from an auto-immune arthritis or trauma. Some of us have described injuries preceding our EM and here on this thread are three users with three different forms of inflammatory arthritis. The common thread sounds like inflammation.

You all are sooooo helpful . reading other people’s stories, symptoms and do’s and don’ts of alleviating and preventing symptoms has helped me more in the last few months than my gp and 4 different specialists combined (tho I try not to be bitter with them) I guess it can be difficult with overlapping conditions. Thank you all for the much needed guidance and support.

Natalia, I just wanted to give you THIS link to a book on AS. It is one in a series called 'the facts' written for patients by leading experts in the conditions. The one I have for PsA is, in fact, written by two doctors who are world leaders in the field so if the AS book is only half as good it will still be a really helpful resource for you.