Pain relief

I recently changed my nerve meds from gabapentin to carbamazepine at the tail end of a flare up because the gabapentin made me to drunk feeling and emotional. I thought it was my little miracle. It also helped with my back and sciatica. But now I’m in horrible burning on fire pain. Darnit! !! Very disappointing. Does anybody have any suggestions for pain relief that isn’t narcotic or habit forming?

I just don't seem to get on well at all with any of the alternatives to narcotics. I do take buprenorphine but that doesn't do the slightest thing for my EM. It only helps my arthritis.

Hi,tramadol + paracetamol give me some relief. Have you try this ?

Hi Carine,

I have tried tramadol a while ago, but it gave me the runs! I have a bowel problem as well and it was obviously not right for that. I take paracetamol as well and even liquid morpine last thing at night and non of them make the slightest difference. The only relief is to sit with my feet on ice packs wrapped in a towel, but that can't be done overnight, except that for the passed couple of weeks I have been sleeping in my chair so that I can do that.

I’m really trying to stay away from anything habit forming and tramadol can be. I’ll be seeing my doc tomorrow and the dermatologist on Thursday so I’ll see what they have to say

The problem is that a lot of pain killers are habit forming. I wouldn't have thought that Tramadol would be any worse than other opiates.

Yes it can be addictive, but the pain is so bad... If it helps with the pain, I don't think it is so bad. I just take one pill when the pain is unbearable at night. It works enough.

That's fine, it's just a matter of not increasing the amount beyond the recommended dose as people have been known to do. That's when the real problems start. Without it you obviously wouldn't sleep and that would make things worse.

So I saw my gp yesterday and he suggested I try taking one or two gabapentin in the evening and said it was safe to take with the carbamazepine bit wouldn’t advise taking the two together during the day if I have to be alert and aware to take care of my children. Better than nothing I guess