Pale nails?


Was wondering if anyone has pale nails with EM?

I have pale nails, especially on my feet. Had some blood tests to rule our anemia, etc.

GP thinks its the micro circulation being compromised.

Thanks in advance!

The first dermatologist I saw regarding my EM symptoms was totally unfamiliar with EM and completely dismissive about my concerns - but she did comment on my pale nails. She seemed to find my pale nails remarkable - like she had never seen anything similar. That was probably around 15 years ago. Because she seemed annoyed by my symptoms that she didn't understand, I now see a different dermatologist who is familiar with EM (and far more sympathetic!). This dermatologist referred me to Mayo Clinic where my EM was diagnosed. My nails are still very pale so I suppose it may be permanent.

Thanks very much for your reply Viking.

Have you had any issues with them (falling off, brittle, etc?)


I have had trouble with my toenails peeling off but not my fingernails. Fortunately when a toenail has peeled off there is still a short toenail beneath it so it has never been painful.

Besides being very pale, my fingernails look strange and at times the cuticles around the nail have looked puffy or inflamed. My dermatologist submitted scrapings that ruled out a nail fungus or other issues so we assume (and hope!) that it is a benign condition related to EM. I use a clear "Hard As Nails" strength treatment that seems to help and it does make them look better.

Best Regards.

Do either of you have any other skin issues such as eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis? Psoriasis has nail manifestations - oil drops, pitting and onycholysis which are often mistaken for other things (including nail fungus). My skin and nail issues were not diagnosed as psoriasis even though two senior dermys had seen them .... it took a rheumatologist when I presented with the associated arthritis!

Puffy and inflammed makes me wonder Viking.

Thanks Jules G - I appreciate the info! I had to google onycholysis because I was clueless. I do have chronic eczema and dermatitis - but I'm not sure about psoriasis. I do have issues with arthritis so maybe? Best Regards.

Yes, I do! Although I actually have “Cronic Inflammatory Dermatitis”… It’s really rough for me trying to live with both… But I’ve had multiple finger nails die on me. My toe nails are just extremely pale as you said. My main Dr. Thinks it’s my blood flow being blocked at the finger tips. Although it’s so tied up with dermatitis that I honestly 75% disagree with him. I noticed in 2010 when I was 14 that my skin was itching the sh*t out of me, and no doctors had anything to say but give me ointment for it. So I randomly got diagnosed with EM in 2012… As if I didn’t have enough problems going on with me right? Lol. So I FINALLY after years of thinking about the fact that it wouldn’t change anything got a skin biopsy. They tested the skin sample and said I had Cronic inflammatory dermatitis… So I’d look into that man. Seems close to how my nails look.